Wanna Get Some Pancakes?

We watched a good movie called Red today, at the dollar theater. It was really awesome.

So I got an email today from Bobby. Apparently he read all this I’ve been saying on here, and wanted to talk about some stuff. He told me some things (which I won’t go into detail about), and I’m really glad he did actually. I mean, yeah sure, what he told me was a bit disappointing, but the fact that he would be honest enough with me to tell me in the first place shows me that I can really trust him. Like, REALLY really. And I’m very happy with that.

The way I see it, for a relationship to work, there needs to be a few things. One: Trust. Of course. Two: Love. And no, not just the gooey love (although that’s really good too, haha), I mean seriously caring about somebody as much as yourself. If not even more. Three: Openness (if that’s a word). You need to be able to tell the other person anything and everything about you, even the deepest darkest parts, and not have any fear of them rejecting you for it or anything like that. Four: Forgiveness. This is key. If the other screws up, you LET IT GO. Holding on to that kind of crap is like the worst thing you can do to hurt a relationship. Oh yeah, and Five: Giving. Not like giving material stuff, but giving as in giving of yourself, your time, your energy, etc. If both people give, then both will receive as well. These are the main things I look for in a relationship anyway.

I really can’t wait for Bobby to come out here to visit. The only problem is that I KNOW that it’s going to suck when he has to leave again. And I’m probably gonna end up super sad, and cry, or something lame like that. Blargh! But it’s so totally worth it just to get to see him, even if it is only for a week.

Man, I’m a sissy.






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