Nom Nom Nom, Red Rose!

Red Rose tea is probably my favorite tea ever, especially for making iced tea.

So, lately I’ve been posting a lot of stuff about relationships. Probably because I just recently got in one, and it’s my first. He is awesome! So anyway, if you’re getting tired of this topic, ya know you can always read something else.

Moving on.

So, random thought. It’s really weird, but I just noticed it this past weekend…..for some reason, every time a guy likes me, they’ve liked my friend Aron before they liked me. Which I find really weird actually, considering that I’m nothing like her in personality. Like, her personality is more on the serious/sarcastic side, while mine is just the crazy/random stuff. Seriously! I can count like 3 or 4 different guys that this applies to! It’s so random. Hmmm….coincidence? I don’t know.What do YOU think?

I am very tired though. I got sick yesterday, and it’s coursed it’s way through my body now, so I’m gonna go make more tea and then help my little brother with his homework. Goodbye, Xanga stalker!




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