Memory-type Jewlz

I wear a lot of necklaces/bracelets. I usually only wear them for sentimental value, so I thought I’d tell the story of each one here. If you think it’s boring, you don’t have to read it you know.

Ok, I’ll start with the oldest one.

This is my Acquire the Fire necklace. I got this 2 years ago, and my youth pastor at the time, Brian, got one just like it. That was a pretty good weekend. See, the month before, I had been told by my parents that I wasn’t allowed to hang out with my best friends (Laura, Aron, and Dan) anymore because things were getting really bad. Well, that was a really hard time for me. And then, that weekend, I finally started talking to those three again. I had missed them really badly. Me and Laura spent a lot of time together that weekend.


This is my Camp Maranatha necklace. Noelle gave this to me when she came back to visit, in the summer of 2009. That wasn’t a very good summer for me, because I was alone at home, and I was going through all that crap with Isaac also. But that day that everyone came back to visit was an amazing day, one of the best of the summer. We all went to my house, then we went and crashed Jim’s house so we could kidnap Dewey and Noelle, and then we went to the park and then back to my place for youth group. It was a beautiful day out, and it had rained earlier so it wasn’t too hot. And I sat on the swings and had a deep conversation with Noelle. The other memory this necklace holds is the memory of going to Maranatha this past summer. That was the best weekend of the year, in my opinion. I had just broken up with Isaac, and I went there to get away from all the stress. It helped me so much…..for the first time in over a year, I felt peaceful. And happy. And accepted. All in all, it was a great time.


I got this necklace from Cara, when she came back from the Mexico trip this past year. She and I were growing really close, and after she gave that to me, we walked around outside the church in the rain for an hour straight just talking about our lives.


This bracelet I got when I went to the FF5 concert back in December, with Jenna and Jared. That was an amazing time for me, because I had just decided that it wasn’t going to work out between me and Jordan, and I just wanted to get away. And those two people helped me do that. Jenna and Jared are two of my best friends now.

And finally,

This necklace I got in a box from Bobby, it was part of my Christmas present from him. The memory that will always be attached to this is Christmas, and realizing that I can be loved by someone for who I am. That’s never really happened before. So I will always wear this one and remember that.


Well, that’s pretty much all of them. I hope you had fun reading this.



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