“And every night I miss you,
I can just look up,
And know the stars are
Holding you, holding you, holding you…
Tonight. ♥”

I miss him so badly tonight. 😦 But I love him, so I’ll just deal with it.

BUT there is a good thing about long distance. When you’re in a normal relationship, there’s always the part of you that doubts, and says “What if he only likes me for my body?” I don’t have that here, cause my body isn’t even THERE. So ha. That’s one more insecurity knocked off the list. Of course, then there’s the opposite of that one, where you think, “What if he doesn’t like my body at all?” Haha, is it awkward yet? XD

But you know, I think that stuff shouldn’t matter really. I mean YEAH of course you’re supposed to be physically attracted to whoever you’re planning on getting together with…DUH. But it shouldn’t be the center of your relationship. Love is supposed to be about having a partner, someone who will be there for you, and help you through life, and you can be there for them too. It’s supposed to be a support system of sorts, but so much deeper than that, because you’re supposed to be connected with the other person in every way imaginable. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your differences, because as the saying goes “Iron sharpens iron.” Having someone exactly like you in every way will get boring after a while. You’ll never have anything new to either person. I mean, you can share things and enjoy things (of course), but it’s okay to be an individual, and like the things you like. 

I am ranting. Haha….

I’m really bored.



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