I’m So Cold.

It’s so freaking cold here. *shivers*


I am sad. And tired. And confused. And I don’t know what to think about things. Everyone and everything seems so far away right now.


I think I need a hug. 😦


Anyway, enough being emo.


Some stupid little chauvinist has been harassing me on youtube for the past three days, concerning a comment I made on a video (the video was of a blatant chauvinist making an idiot of himself on live TV), saying that men and women are different, yet of equal value. I should NOT have said that there. I got an onslaught of self-proclaimed “men” telling me to “get back in the kitchen b****” and that (pardon the expression) “women are just walking tits with legs, good for nothing but procreation.” As much as I wanted to rip all of their heads off with a storm of furious outrage, I decided against it. That would’ve been the immature thing to do, and would’ve got me nothing but trouble from those pig-headed buffoons. So I simply deleted my old account so that the endless stream of harassment would end, and created a new one. But I swear, the idiotic arrogance of some people……


Anywayz. I’m bored.



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