Of Chauvinists and Feminists

So lately, I’ve discovered a self-proclaimed chauvinist named Dick Masterson. His basic ideology is that “men are better than women” (he even has a website named such), and he believes that all women are gold-digging whores who are idiots and are good for nothing but procreation.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m NO feminist. But I’m no chauvinist either. I believe that both are equal, Different, yes, because God MADE us to be different, but equal nonetheless. Each gender has their strong points and weak points, but that doesn’t make one “better” than the other. So why do we strive over who is better and who isn’t? Could it be because of our OWN insecurities? Could it be that this Dick Masterson person is a chauvinist simply because he is afraid of his own weakness? I think so.

Also, operating off of this delusion is operating off of a flawed stereotype. If I did such, I could say that “all men only care about sex” just as easily. But that doesn’t make that true. I know plenty of men (including my own boyfriend) who are quite the opposite.

Maybe we should all take those blinders of insecurity off and stop being ignorant and arrogant. People are individuals, gender not playing a role, and to judge an individual (and their individual experiences) off of a stereotype is futile.


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  1. It’s a futile attempt to disqualify his viewpoints by simply labeling him as insecure. He just doesnt describe the female gender in a favourable light. That was usually the cause of female anger.

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