Can’t Compare.

So I’ve been thinking about something for the past few days.

In a way, I’ve been subconsciously trying to live up to someone else’s legacy.

Okay, let me give you a mental image. I know this girl, she’s insanely pretty, skinny, smart, funny, has huge blue eyes and blond hair, and pretty much every guy in the world has been in love with her at one point or another, including my older brother, my younger brother, all of his friends, my boyfriend, all of my friends that are guys from youth group….EVERYONE. She can pretty much have her pick of anyone she pleases. 


Do you know how HARD that is to try to live up to???

It’s disheartening. Every other girl I know, including me, has to strive to be even remotely as good as her. It’s like having a model as a friend. It’s really, really hard. What makes it worse is that (as I mentioned earlier) my boyfriend had liked her before. But some stuff happened and now they don’t talk. But the thing is….how am I supposed to be as good as she was to him? How on earth can I compare to someone so perfect? It feels like I can never be that good.


Anyway. Just had to get that off my chest.