Backwards People.

“If this is reality, this god is not worth my time.”

Today, I had a conversation with some of my non-Christian friends about Christianity. And one of them said this. 

I’m sorry, but that’s total arrogance. Who said any of our time is valuable in the first place? Why should we think of ourselves as so important? Why should God have to prove HE is worth MY time? It should be the other way around. Why am I worth GOD’s time? 

People can be so backwards, including myself….God doesn’t need to prove Himself. He doesn’t need to explain Himself, or give excuses for why He did what He did. HE is freaking GOD!! He can do whatever the crap He wants! We’re lucky he’s a GOOD God, or we’d all be dead by now. He has a reason for why He does everything He does, but that doesn’t mean that we have to know, or even understand those reasons. 

As Tumnus from Chronicles of Narnia said, “He’s not a tame lion, but He is good.”

Rant over.





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