She makes me sick. >:(


Okay, so, backstory. My friend Jordan (who I had a mild crush on about a year ago, but got over fairly quickly) has liked this girl, lets call her “Kris”, for over 2 years. Not just liked, he genuinely LOVED her. He’d do anything for her, seriously. And he’s not the type to just have random crushes or anything. He was totally serious about her. Well, the first year he liked her, she didn’t like him back. She ended up dating this guy, lets call him “Steve”, and eventually getting engaged to him. Jordan was heartbroken, but gave her up and started getting over her. Well, then Steve broke off the engagement with Kris. But then later she found out she was pregnant with his child. Well, Jordan still loved her, and here’s where it gets crazy. She finally told him she liked him back. He was seriously overjoyed, it was like his dream had finally come true or something. For the past two months, he has been the happiest I’ve ever seen him. He wanted to be there for her and Steve’s baby, and everything. And she allegedly loved him too.


TODAY she decided it’d be the greatest idea to crush his heart AGAIN and leave him for some guy named Nate. 



I mean, once is bad enough! But she used him TWICE!!! Just crushed his heart and doesn’t even care! 

I’m so freaking angry right now.



  1. @GuitarKat93 – Yeah, I know. I used to seriously hate her before I realized that it just doesn’t matter. He’s a really good guy, he’ll find someone better than her. Whenever I tried to figure out why she bothered me so much, it came down to who she really was and who she pretended to be. She would fake an entire personality just to interest some guy. Then as soon as she met someone else she would create an entirely new personality to custom fit what the new guy liked in a girl. She would do it over and over and I hated it because she always did it to my friends. I guess all that I ever really wanted was for people to see her as who she really was. Now that she’s pregnant with her ex’s baby, I guess everyone DOES know what she’s like.Ironically, a bunch of friends and I were debating whether or not she was truly a tramp a few days before her pregnancy was public. Quentin freaked out at us and said that he was tired of everyone judging her and saying she was hoe. He went on this rant about how she’s a good person and no one really knows her.Few days later her pregnancy was on Facebook.Kevin and I still chuckle about it evilly.

  2. @smgcrossfire – Lolz. XD Why was Quentin defending her though?And I think everybody changes a LITTLE when they meet a new person, it’s just a fact that the people around us help shape us, but changing her ENTIRE personality, and then just DROPPING people like that when she’s bored just makes me sick. >:

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