So today, as I was rummaging through an old box of photos in our garage, I stumbled across this.


This was my family in 1997. It scares me how much I looked like my dad. O.o (I’m the one sitting in the bottom left corner with the pigtails.) 

This picture also perfectly describes our lives back then. My two oldest sisters were on opposite sides of this picture, and back then, they hated each other, so that doesn’t surprise me. They’d constantly fight about everything. They both wanted out of the house and couldn’t afford to move, and my dad was abusive towards them (and the rest of us) and they couldn’t do anything about it. So they took it out on each other.

My oldest brother is the one next to me, on my left. He looks like he’s about ready to cry, which makes sense, considering how my dad treated him. He got the brunt of the abuse, both emotionally and physically. But then again, he ended up dishing it out just as badly when he became a teenager. :

My next oldest sister is on his left. She doesn’t look very happy either, probably because she was going through just as much abuse as my brother was, and then some extra from my brother himself. 

Then there I am. I don’t remember much about this time, only that I was sad because everyone else was sad, and we were poor and couldn’t afford anything for Christmas. All we had was that tree our neighbors gave us (on the left of the picture.) and my mom had told me that day that at the end of the week we had to sell everything because we were moving to Nebraska. We lived in Ohio then.

My younger brother is the one sitting in my dad’s lap. He’s making that sucking face because in those days, he was ADDICTED to his pacifier (he had 5 of them on a little rope that we’d tie to his pajamas), and my mom had taken it out for the picture, but he just kept sucking. Lol.

Then there’s my mom, she was probably the most sad of us all. My dad was dragging our family from state to state because he just wouldn’t take a job that wasn’t as prestigious as IBM, and at this specific time, he’d dragged us right into the middle of a chauvinistic cult who seriously excommunicated my mom because she wouldn’t do every tiny thing any male told her to do. So she was alone, scared, and being abused. And trying to make ends meet with 7 kids. Yeah.

So that’s what we were like in 1997.


This is us now.



Moral of the story? MY FAMILY IS AWESOME.


No dad=9000 BONUS POINTS!!!! XD Lol.


It still kinda scares me how much I look like him though.




Lol rambling time=over.






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