What’s your hobby? What do you like to do in your free time?

Listening to music: I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved music. It’s one of my passions. I learned to play basic guitar and piano when I was younger, but just listening to music does something to me….


Photography: It doesn’t even have to be a good picture. I just like taking pictures, especially of people I know and love. Whenever I go to any kind of hangout or party, heck, even if I’m just going to the store, I’m sure to bring my camera, capturing moments of my life to look over later. 🙂


Drawing: I usually do this at the same time as listening to music, because the music is my inspiration. If I can’t capture the essence of what I’m feeling in a photo, I have to draw it. 


Hanging out with/talking to my friends: What can I say, I’m a people person. 🙂 And I have th best friends in the whole freaking world, so heck yeah.


And to a lesser extent—

Watching tv: Usually movies, comedy or mind game/action movies are my favorite….Christopher Nolan is my hero. 🙂 Crime shows or cartoons are my favorite types of tv shows. Criminal Minds, yeah!!


That is all. 


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What are your 5 favorite music albums/artists?

In no particular order:

Blink 182


Fort Minor


*insert the hundreds of other bands that I listen to on a regular basis and can’t choose from here*


I just answered this Featured Question; you can answer it too!

I keep trying to distract myself, 

So I can forget how much I miss you…

And for a moment, 

I almost do.

But then it just crashes into me even harder…

The fact that you’re not here.

That I won’t see you soon.

And there’s nothing I can do,

But wait out the storm…

And hope you’re thinking of me too.



Stupid Fake Friends….

So I have a bit of ranting to do here.

I’m sick of people just pretending to be my friend, until they find out I have a boyfriend. And then they just stop talking to me. It’s really stupid. 

This happened for the 3rd time today at work. I have been friends with this guy from produce, we’ll call him Mark. Anyway, we were okay friends and joked around a lot about movies and stuff, and I thought he was a cool person, right? Wrong. Today, he comes into the Salad Bar room like he usually does, and was like “Dude! I haven’t seen you in forever!!!” (I haven’t worked with him since Sunday before last), and I was like “Well maybe if you’d work more often, you’d see me around! GOSH!!!” *sarcasm* and he laughed, and then said “Well pretty soon I’m not gonna be back here anymore at all, since I’m transferring to fuel station.” and I was like “Laaaaaaaaaame.” and then screamed something about there being no pineapples so I may as well become emo, or some nonsense like that….now this is where it gets weird. He laughed and then was like “This is what I’m going to miss about working back here.” and I was like “You’re going to miss screaming about pineapples and becoming emo? Okay…” and he was like “No. I’m gonna miss you just being…you.” and I was like “..Okay…” and then he randomly asked if I had a boyfriend and I was like “Yep. :)” and then he just abruptly said “Oh.” and stopped talking, and left. And then the whole rest of the time he wouldn’t say another word to me.

It’s so stupid….I didn’t even DO anything to lead him on or ANYTHING. But he had to be all stupid and go for me anyway, for no reason. Dangit. It’s not even that big of a deal with him, cause I barely know him. I’ve worked with him 3 times, and that’s it, so it’s not even painful. But it’s not like this is the first time this has happened with a friend, Emory stopped being my friend (after 5 years of virtually being his ONLY friend…) when I started dating Bobby. Justin did basically the same thing as Mark did, pretending to be my friend, but with ulterior motives.

I don’t even get it. First of all, this stupid uniform that they make us wear in salad bar is completely unattractive, so it’s not even me looking nice or anything. And secondly, I myself am NOT EVEN CUTE. WTF. And my personality (especially at work) it somewhat obnoxious. There is no reason anyone should be attracted to me. 

Also I have a freaking ring on my finger, he should have KNOWN. DUH. 

But what really sucks isn’t even them liking me, but the fact that they basically LIED to me, just pretending to be my friend….>:(

Anyway…..I guess that’s enough for now.


That was the first good dream I’ve had in a while.

So I had this crazy dream last night. It started out that I was at this pizza place, there was a party and everyone I knew was there. I was sharing a booth with Nathan and Isaac, waiting for Bobby to get there and watching Isaac play some random computer game. When Bobby finally got there, he sat down and started smoking a cigarette (which was random, because he doesn’t smoke). In the dream, he and Isaac were friends (which was also random because they don’t like each other as far as I know…), but it was an awkward friendship. Lol. 

Anyway, we talked for a bit, and then decided to go on a walk with Cara, Noelle, Laura, and Sharon. It was fun, Bobby was taking pictures the whole time, and we walked to a run down old bridge that was covered in graffiti (which resembled a bridge that I know of in real life), and Cara and I climbed up about 40 feet and hung upside down on the underside of the bridge. Bobby took a picture of us together, and the flash in the dream woke me up.

Is it sad that this was the most fun I’ve had in a while, and it was only a dream?