That was the first good dream I’ve had in a while.

So I had this crazy dream last night. It started out that I was at this pizza place, there was a party and everyone I knew was there. I was sharing a booth with Nathan and Isaac, waiting for Bobby to get there and watching Isaac play some random computer game. When Bobby finally got there, he sat down and started smoking a cigarette (which was random, because he doesn’t smoke). In the dream, he and Isaac were friends (which was also random because they don’t like each other as far as I know…), but it was an awkward friendship. Lol. 

Anyway, we talked for a bit, and then decided to go on a walk with Cara, Noelle, Laura, and Sharon. It was fun, Bobby was taking pictures the whole time, and we walked to a run down old bridge that was covered in graffiti (which resembled a bridge that I know of in real life), and Cara and I climbed up about 40 feet and hung upside down on the underside of the bridge. Bobby took a picture of us together, and the flash in the dream woke me up.

Is it sad that this was the most fun I’ve had in a while, and it was only a dream?


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