Everyone wants to feel safe in the dark…

I’m lying on my bed at night, staring at the ceiling.


I’m not really sure what’s keeping me awake…

Loneliness or fear?

Or confusion?

Intertwining confusion…and doubt…

I want you to hold me,

Just one more time.

And I can feel this darkness

Creeping around me,

Like so many shadows in the woodwork…



Ready to grab me and pull me under. 

But I don’t think you understand.

What am I to you?

Am I just your girlfriend? A warm body?

Or something more?

A dream maybe?

Yes, this is a dream.

How else could I explain my hot tears,

Turning into an ocean..

As the vibrations of my phone roar in my ears.

My phone is ringing?

I may be slipping into psychosis..

Pick me up please.

I needed you.


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