*drifts away into the shadows*

♫♪ I’m going away for a while,

But I’ll be back, don’t try and follow me…♫♪


I say stupid things when I’m hurt…stupid things that get me in trouble. So I’m just not gonna say anything anymore. I guess this is gonna be my last post on here for a while….


I’m listening to Anberlin and staring out my window. It’s misty and dark. I can see orange hue of the city lights reflecting off of the fog and clouds in the distance, and feel the slight cool breeze on my face. And I am alone.

There’s some kind of slight comfort in being alone and listening to sad music. Like the darkness could swallow me whole and it’d be okay. Because here, in my room with the window open, the darkness is my friend. And the orange light pollution hovering above the darkness, as if it’s a source of light in and of itself…that’s my friend too. The loneliness I feel here is different….it’s like the loneliness you feel when staring out over a gray sea on a stormy day, watching the snow fall at night, or hearing the sad soft strains of a cello. 

It’s a peaceful loneliness.


And I just drift away. 






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