Happiness. :)

So I had Cara sleep over at my house last night. I haven’t seen her since Fall Fest, and even then we really didn’t talk much or get to hang out at all. So technically, the last time we had really talked was in August, when we went to Hangtime together. 


Having her over was amazing though. I really felt like we got to reconnect. We video chatted with Savannah for a little bit, but she kept leaving and was kinda ignoring us so we just left. Lol. We played guitar and sang, reminisced, went and raided the fridge around 4am and got some oranges….I made her take a personality test on my computer and we listened to a ton of awesome music. We ended up staying up till 5am, talking about life and love and the future…etc. 

I realized this morning when I woke up that I love that. Just…talking to people…for long periods of time. Opening up. No matter how terrible I feel in the first place, if I can talk to someone about it, I feel great afterwards. Lol. It’s kinda funny. I love my friends. 🙂


Anyway, so last night was amazing. 


Oh, also, today while I was digging around in this box of random awesome stuff that I keep in my closet, I found my most favorite pair of jeans ever, from two years ago. I decided to try them on again, and THEY FIT!!!!! 😀 Lol! Awesomeness. 


Also, Bobby is running for president. VOTE. 

That is all. BYE!!!







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