What do you do, when someone is set on doing something really stupid that could potentially hurt them, and they won’t listen to anyone around them telling them that its a really bad idea? Do you just sit back at let them go?

Blargh. I don’t know.

Nebraska weather is lame. It was nice the other day, then it just suddenly got really freaking cold. @smgcrossfire, I was considering wearing a dress to church but I’d rather not have my legs freeze off. Lol.

Just two more days till Bobby and Nic get here!!!

Also, calligraphy pen ink smells funny.

That is all.



  1. Your legs wouldn’t freeze off.I’m lying. Yeah. They would. I decided against the whole thing when I woke up and it was snowing.Dude I’m excited to see Nic and Bobby. It cheers me up even though I’m bored and hungry and irritated and sick!

  2. @smgcrossfire – Lol yeaaaah they would. I hate wearing dresses in the winter. DUDE so am I! So freaking excited!!!! 😀 We seriously need to do an all day thing on Sunday. It will be….AMAZING.   Why are you irritated (and bored and hungry and sick)? Also, Bobby said you asked if he had an extra $50? What fer? 🙂 

  3. @GuitarKat93 – I’m sick because I don’t eat enough, I don’t eat enough because I don’t have money, I don’t have money because I’m sick, and it continues that way.I asked Bobby if he had fifty dollars because I was going to suggest he take you out on a date to Wasabi Sushi. But then he told me about you guys’ tradition. 

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