Something interesting for Sharon.

Sharon is bored. And so I must write something to entertain her.

1. Spoons. Spooning. Heheheheeheh.. 

    1a. Spoons. They’re awesome. I eat soup, ice cream, cereal and much more with them. They’re like little bowls for your hands. They also make good companions. My spoon wears a curly wig. His name is Woodsworth. He may be growing a mustache soon.     

    1b. Spooning. It’s awesome. 🙂 Sharon, remember that time at Lifelight, when we spooned in the sleeping bag? And then you and Kevin spooned on the hammock? Heeheeeeeee…


2. Unconditional love.  

    Does unconditional love exist outside of God? Not in its pure form, no, because unconditional love is perfect love, and             humans aren’t perfect. But I believe that, as humans made in God’s image, we posses a capacity to love that imperfectly           mirrors that of our creator. We may not be able to love unconditionally fully, but we do our best. 🙂 


3. Potato chips. 

    BBQ potato chips are the best thing ever. I want some right now, and some fried chicken. Does this make me ghetto?             Maybe….Lol.


4. Immigration laws.

    …..I hate politics. Basically, they should make immigration easier so people don’t feel like they HAVE to try to come here           illegally. *shrugs* Also, shotguns. 


5. *BONUS ROUND* Mustaches.

    They are an amazing symbol of manliness.


Also, when I first met Sharon, she was walking around the church with David Poulson. Cara, Noelle and I were sitting on the floor by the bathroom and as they walked by he was like “Davis, not-Davis, Davis…” She was wearing a baseball hat and for a second I thought she was a boy, until I realized that she had boobs. Lol. YEAH SHARON I LOOKED AT YOUR BOOBS!!!! D: lol jk. But seriously, she almost looked like a boy. But I could tell she wasn’t. 





  1. Ahahahaha AMAZING.1: We were not spooning. We were lying next to each other. And it turns out he liked me back then, he just didn’t ask me out. Silly boy. 2: Essentially yes. One could argue that real love doesn’t exist though.3: False. Jalapeno potato chips are best. And you’re not ghetto. You’re black.4: Our economy would improve if we could deport every illegal immigrant in the US.5: I think mustaches look stupid.Oh my gosh I remember that! I didn’t realize that I could recall when we first met. But yes. I do remember that. You were sitting between the womens restroom and the drinking fountain. I do not remember a baseball cap. I don’t think I’d wear one in church. Lastly: STAY AWAY FROM MY BREASTS!!! 

  2. @smgcrossfire – *bows* Why thank you.1. I KNEW IT. 2. It also depends on what your interpretation of love is. 3. I prefer BBQ kettle cooked ones. Nom. Lol you and Bobby can have the Jalapeno ones. Also, it’s true. I’m black inside. 

    4. That’s true. But idk how we’d find all of them….unless we hired like 1,000,000 bounty hunters to sweep the nation and check everyone.5. *gasp* HOW COULD YOU THINK THAT?!?!Yes! Lol you were. I remember, it was black. I think you were wearing a leather jacket too. And no, you cannot keep me from your breasts. MWAHAHAAH!!!!

  3. @GuitarKat93 – 2: False. Love is all that love is.3: I’m ok with it as long as I get Jalapeno chips out of it.4: Or we could raise the punishment for those who employ illegal immigrants. 5: I just do. They look stupid.Alright, I remember the jacket. I was probably wearing my dads old one. Although I do have one myself.And no. My breasts. You can not haz.

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