I need my life back!

I miss freedom. Being friends with whoever the heck I wanted and not caring what anyone else thought about it. Dancing like I didn’t care who was watching. Running in the rain and laughing and feeling the water rush against my skin. Watching sunsets outside the church, surrounded by my favorite people in the world and feeling like I BELONGED. Feeling at peace. I miss living in the moment and not comparing it to other moments…just enjoying it for what it is. I miss the people and the places that made life worth living. I miss feeling close to God and close to people.

I need that back. I need to LIVE again.



  1. Isn’t it nice to remember what has been? Sometimes it’s hard to imagine life being that good again. However, I think it always will have those moments. Just, this is an in-between moment. Good shall come again. πŸ™‚

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