I Hate Everyone!

Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh….

But I’m starting to hate everyone and everything in this God-forsaken town. I feel antsy, like I could just crawl right out of my skin and run forever. I don’t want to be here anymore. Everyone and everything I once knew and loved now seems old, bland and lifeless. Worse, it seems IRRITATING. I hate it. I need to get away…..to move. To change. Because it’s not them, it’s me. I’ve been stuck in a rut for almost a year, and now….now I need OUT. I’m desperate for air. I’m going to drown…to wither and die here.

It’s a good kind of hatred…a pleasant change from the dead feeling I’ve had for months. Now I feel alive, alive but still in the land of the dead. And so I must run. Move out on my own, find my own way and never look back.