I stare blankly through the window.


I can see the orange lights outside the door.

One is flickering.

The truckers on I-80 barrel past

On their way from Denver to Omaha.

They honk at the marker on the side of the interstate.

“Halfway there!”

I’d give anything to leave with them. 

Denver, Omaha, Colorado Springs.

What’s the difference?

Anywhere is better than here.

Our broken A/C is screaming behind me,

Deafening me to all other sounds. 

I have a headache. 

One hour to go. 

Sleep, then wake back up just to come back to my Cage again.

Eat, sleep, play:

Every move I make is controlled here.

“Leadership” breathing down the back of my neck

Every time I turn around.  

Why did I ever think it would be a good idea to LIVE at my workplace???

And is it strange that I’d literally prefer to be

In a fiery hellhole that is slowly burning to the ground,

Than at summer camp?



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