So I’m back from camp now. We got back on Tuesday night.

Things never seem to change here in Omaha. I dropped by Hy-Vee to say hi, nothing has changed there. All the same people work there, same work dynamic, same everything. Neither has the house. My Omaha friends, or what’s left of them, are still the same as they were when I left. Everything is the same old freaking Omaha. The only change that ever happens here is when the people you love, who made life here worth it, move on and leave you. It feels so dry and empty here now. Dead.

It’s funny to think that when I was younger, I would have loved for things to always stay the same. I mistook change for instability, and I hated it. I never wanted anything to change. Now, a life without change seems hopeless. It just gets old here after a while. Almost all the people that I used to hang out with that made this worth it are gone now. I feel like it’s my time now. I need to leave too.

My memories of the best times here with my friends almost seem to haunt me. Usually, looking back on those times is a bitter sweet thing. I loved those people with a fiery passion that can never be replicated. I would have done anything for them. It’s hard to look back on love like that and know you can never replicate it,, and thus Omaha is like a graveyard to me now. A memorial to memories past. All the scenery is the same, but it’s a hollow coffin of my past without the people.

I’m moving away in October, and it will be great. A fresh start, with new friends and old friends, new memories to be made and new places to discover; a hope and future to look forward to.


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