The fault of long distance is this: After a long while of doing this, you can’t really handle the pain and longing of being so far away from the person you love, so you start becoming detached in an effort to dull the pain. It really sucks, and being detached ends up being more painful than the tidal wave of longing and love that you’re trying to hold back. Augh…..oh well, this will be over soon. The countdown begins……18 days until I move to Colorado Springs.


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  1. When making a sacrifice like this, I think the best thing for me has been to say it’s like waiting for something good–like a baby. While it sucks to wait and go through the pain, it’ll be well worth the wait. I bet the wait sucks. I know you can make it through Katherine!!! 18 days!!! So exciting!!! 🙂

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