We threw coins at the guards.

You painted bleeding hearts and we ran through a summer storm.

You were afraid to die,

So I held you

And prayed to a God you didn’t believe in to keep you safe.


And I didn’t know how to save you.


You gave me a purple hippopotamus, so I’d never forget.

We wore monster’s heads and collected newspapers.

I drew on your arms and you drew on your legs.

We made rainbow cake

And lay on the kitchen floor,

Where you told me your dark secret.


And I didn’t know how to save you.


We spent the spring under a bridge,

Reading the words of ghosts long gone.

Walking home in the dark that night,

I felt more alive than ever before.


But I still didn’t know how to save you.


So I tried to run,

And ended up dying.

I couldn’t save myself,

We were both lost.

I moved away, but the ghosts came with me.


So let’s start over.


Hi, my name is Kat. Please be my Laura.



So lately I’ve been feeling super introverted, but I think I’m past that now. In fact, now it’s the complete opposite. Now I just want to hang out with all my friends. Then I just realized that I haven’t spoken to…heck …almost anyone from the old EF youthgroup scene in almost 2 years. I feel like such a terrible friend now. I just get so one-track-minded that I forget that some people exist. Yes, I know. I’m a bad person. So anyway, I checked up on my old friends and it made me kinda sad to see how much people have changed. Cassie is not even allowed on EF premises because she’s gay, and I think she may kinda hate me. Idk why. Jon Hemple has gotten really….idk, jock-ish, and isn’t friends with Nathan anymore for some reason, which is weird because they’ve been friends for forever. Laura and I barely talk anymore, which I’m trying to fix, but it’s still really sad. Same with Cara and Noelle. I just hope it’s not too late to fix things. Vinnie got way taller and is a huge ladies man now. Emme and Angie are still the same as they ever were, but I still haven’t talked to them in who knows how long. Brian Hill looks like a super hipster now, and looks a lot older. Idk what the heck ever happened to Matt Derry. I miss hanging out with Sharon too, but she’s on heeeeeere…. But yeah, that’s all the people I can think of right now.

But you know, I kinda changed too, so I really have no room to talk. It’s just kinda weird and sad for me to see all these people change, and relationships fall apart and probably never get repaired…..

Oh well. I just hope it’s not too late to salvage things. I just wish people would let me know when I’m ignoring them, I never realize it when I am. 😛