Worst. Weekend. EVER.

So, to start off this lovely 3 day weekend, on Friday morning Bobby and I found out that the check that he had THOUGHT was from his boss was a scam, and we owe the bank $1,430. We called the bank and explained the situation, but there is nothing they can really do about it, so we have to pay the whole thing off ourselves. By my calculations, if everything goes correctly, we should be able to pay it off by the end of the month. 

Then, I was supposed to go to Omaha on Saturday morning. Just a straight, 1 hour flight to Omaha. But Southwest cancelled all their flights on Saturday because of the storm in Denver. So I had to rebook the flight for Sunday morning (today). So Bobby and I got up at 4am so we could make it all the way to Denver airport by 7am. I got through security and everything okay, and the first part of my flight was on time. Denver to St. Louis. Then I was SUPPOSED to take a plane from St. Louis to Omaha. That ended up being delayed for an hour. Then when we finally got on and were almost there and everything, a storm moved in over Omaha. We tried to land twice and couldn’t, so we went to Kansas City instead. Then, instead of just delaying it, they flat out cancelled the flight, so now I am stranded in Kansas City until 8:30pm tomorrow, which is the earliest flight they have available to Omaha. I did find a hotel room (no thanks to the airport) so I’m here all alone in a strange city for the next 24 hours. 
Just great.
Also, this means I will only get about 4 days with my family, instead of 7. 
Worst weekend ever. 😛