Dude. I really wanna bake something. 

In other news, I wish it would rain here. It never does. All it ever does is snow. In the spring. Ugh. Nebraska gets ALL the thunderstorms. 
Also, I got Nathan and Karolinn some pretty boss presents for their birthdays. I’m planning on mailing them out tomorrow after work.
Anyway. Carry on.

This One’s For Sharon


I’m working full time at Goodwill. This is the first full time job I’ve had, besides camp. Although I don’t really think camp counts. But yeah. Stephen Harris is jealous of my job, he refers to it as his “ghetto dream job.” 
Work is fun and fast paced, but sometimes I hate very customer and want to rip their heads off and drink their blood from them like bowls because of how messy and pig-like they are. They just pull everything off of the racks and dump it on the floor. It’s like their parents never taught them how to clean up after themselves.
 My coworkers are pretty cool though. My assistant manager, Glenna, is basically future-me in my 40’s. She’s one of 9 kids as well and her dad was also crazy. But more drunk-crazy than pervert-crazy. Apparently he died on the front lawn of a soup kitchen. So yeah. She’s my favorite, and when I was sick she gave me food and kleenex. 🙂 
My store manager is the coolest ever though. Last week, we had a blizzard and everyone still showed up, so he bought pizza for all of us out of his own money. 
There is this really annoying gumball machine that is in the front of the store by the checkstands, it plays this really annoying song, and I could have sworn that I just heard the song, but I’m home right now. 
So I feel like I need more friends. I feel so lonely a lot of the time. It’s weird because at the same time, I feel overwhelmed by everyone because I have to be around people so much at work. So I feel lonely at the same time as not wanting to see anyone. How bi-polar of me. 
The thing is that I have friends here, but I don’t have anyone who is really close to me. I used to have Cara, but something happened with that. I don’t know, we just got so different and grew apart so much. Last month, she was just constantly flipping out at me all the time for no reason (on top of work stuff, that was a very stressful time for me) and we talked it out, but now we’re just not really close anymore. Savannah is here, and we hang out sometimes, but not really very often. Then I have the Harris family, but again, we don’t hang out very often. I suppose it’s mostly my fault, since I’ve been working so much and then just going home and wanting to be away from everyone. 
I guess part of it is that, since Bobby and I have been engaged, a lot of our friends seem to resent the fact that we act like a couple. Heck, we don’t even do PDA at ALL anymore, and people still resent us. Like the fact that we’re in the same room together means we’re “attached at the hip” and it’s oh-so-annoying. It’s very frustrating, because we’re engaged and we’re not even allowed to act like we are. I wish we had more couple friends. 
I wish that I had someone I could call a best friend. :/
Anyway, end emo rant.