So I guess it’s my turn.

Everybody else wrote a blog today, so I guess it’s my turn. 

Well, work was pretty off and on today. People keep treating me like I’m a supervisor and have the powers of such, just because I know all the rules and prices, etc. I wouldn’t mind it if I WAS a supervisor, but I’m not, so it can be irritating. Like today, when we were super busy, and I was trying to take care of huge line of people, but nobody would leave me alone for 5 seconds to help my own customers. I was basically running back and forth from each checkstand, taking care of a customer, fixing Reyna’s checkstand’s technical issues, getting someone help in the jewelry department, showing Rayanna how to properly do checks when they’re partially payed with cash, giving a customer a better price for damaged goods, etc. Just all over the place. Sometimes I wish they would just let me be a supervisor so I could actually do half of the things customers want me to do. I DON’T HAZ THE POWAH!!!
In other news, I’ve been working my butt off on art projects lately. Right now, I have….lessee….6 projects I have to do, and one on hold until later. I’m getting paid for all of them, which is pretty awesome. But it can get overwhelming when everyone wants some kind of creative thing from me at once, and I have to get it done for all of them. It doesn’t leave a lot of creative juice left for just my leisure time. 
I have so much to do when I get paid. I gotta pay my last hospital bill ($80), I told Michael I will donate $200 to him because he’s in China and trying to get a work visa, we have car work to do, I gotta get a checkbook for when Bobby and I go get an apartment, gotta make sure to put some money in savings just in case, I gotta mail my siblings’ birthday presents out….I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting. But yeah, there’s a lot to do. My mind has been racing like crazy trying to make sure I take care of all my responsibilities. 
So I miss Omaha people. I don’t really miss Omaha….just some of my friends there. I have this thing on my zune, Smart DJ. When you listen to a song and put on Smart DJ, it will pick other music based on what else you have a history of listening to when listening to that song and genres and etc. Anyway, I put that on last night, and it picked a ton of music that I had completely forgotten about….music that reminded me of my friends and some really awesome times that we had over the past 5 years. It made me happy at the same time as being really depressed. I hate reminiscing. It makes me happy for, like, 2 seconds….until I remember that I will never hang out with those same people and do those same things again. It always just makes me lose hope. I want to MAKE memories, not just go back, hashing over the same old (great) ones over and over. 
Anyway. I guess that’s all I have to say for now.