So I drew today!

I actually drew stuff today for once, so I feel pretty good about that. 🙂


Sharon made me draw this because I didn’t text her back…apparently I owed her retribution. XD


I drew this because Bobby and I were talking about how Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are BFFs, and then I thought of Fox and the Hound, aaaand yeah. This happened.

I also fixed Bobby’s mom’s map for her, for her book. So I had a productive day. We went over to Donita’s house today and had lunch, and she has this super adorable bunny that runs around and chases her dog. I got to pet them both. Not Donita, the dog…lol. Anyway, so then we went back to the in-laws’ place and I drew stuff for most of the day.

The only thing I felt kinda bad about was that today was Haanzs’s birthday party and we couldn’t go because we already had the plans with Donita. :/ But oh well…at least we got him a card.

Anyway, I’m super tired. My eyes are drooping and I can barely keep them open. Time to sleep. I can already hear Bobby snoring in the other room…:)



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