I saw that he likes Nickelback, and suddenly…I got over it.

So I have this art page on Facebook, right? Well it kept saying I had a notification, but it wouldn’t display it, so I made a little dummy account just to see if I could see what was new on my page from the outside. Well whatever it was still didn’t show up, so I went back to the home page and prepared to log out. Just then, I saw something in the “suggested friends” section. It was an ex-friend of mine.

Let me give some background on that.

I had been friends with this guy, Emory, since I was 13. We met at a Student Venture bonfire. I don’t know why, but he just started talking to me, and we sat down and basically talked for 6 hours, until it was almost 11pm. The fire had gone out a long time ago, so we were just staring at the stars in the darkness, talking about life. He told me about the sad things that had happened to him, things that he’d never told anyone else.

So we were best friends since that night.

Now, my mom reaaaally disliked him. She thought he had a “creepy” vibe. I was very naive at the time (being 13 and all) and didn’t really think much of it. Anyway, she wouldn’t let me be around him alone, and wouldn’t let me talk to him on the phone or anything. I basically just saw him at SV and that was it. We were still good friends though, and shared a love of art, which was nice.

Fast forward to 2011. Bobby and I had been dating for a little over a month. Bobby was my first boyfriend (and I am now married to him). Emory had been increasingly clingy, trying to get me to come hang out with him and call him all the time, which I couldn’t do because my mom still forbade it. Then, out of nowhere, he deleted me on Facebook and stopped showing up to SV, basically cut me out of his life. I messaged him saying, “Hey…..are you mad at me for some reason? I mean, you just randomly stopped talking to me last time we talked…..and then you deleted me as a friend…..what’s the matter?”
He said, “Please forgive my rude behavior, but if you are upset because you believe I have something personal to gripe, you aren’t the only one I did that to.
I’m not angry with anyone; I’m not holding any grudges. It was nothing you said, nor anything you did.” and then blocked me permanently. So that was the end. I haven’t seen or spoken to him since then. It was heartbreaking for me at the time, losing my best friend so suddenly, with no explanation. And so soon after my parents had divorced and my old church kicked us out, too. It was just too much at once.

Anyway, so I saw his account with the dummy account and decided to see how he’s doing. Nothing had really changed on his Facebook, but it listed his likes and Nickelback was one of them. Nickelback, ICP, Motorhead, and Anime Girls. And suddenly, I broke. That was it. I got over him, over our old friendship, everything. I went back to my Facebook page and re-read our old messages, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I must’ve been too naive when we were friends, because almost every time we talked, even when Bobby and I were dating, or even when I openly liked other guys, he was CONSTANTLY hitting on me. Constantly asking me to call him, hang out with him alone, and he even protested when I told him my mom said we had to have one other friend with us. How could I have been so blind?

Was our whole friendship only about him wanting to get in my pants? Was that why he just blocked me after I started officially dating someone else? How could a person decieve someone else like that for 5 YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP?!

Anyway. I just needed to write about this. It pisses me off that he would take advantage of my naivety and trusting nature like that. I was only a potential commodity to him. And if I see him when Bobby and I live in Blair, I will just ignore him. He doesn’t deserve my sympathy, he doesn’t deserve my friendship. I will not try to make ammends with him.

Fool me once…