Nobody reads this, and I’m glad.

You know, I’m glad that nobody knows about this blog. I feel like I’m finally free to not censor myself, which is great. I haven’t had that feeling since I first started my Xanga. But Xanga is dead, soooooo….yeah.

So I work at Starbucks now. I like working there waaaaaay better than I liked working at Goodwill (because Goodwill is full of ghetto jerks who hate everyone…), but MAN is it hard. There’s so much to remember, and I get really nervous that I’m gonna forget how to do stuff. It’s also really fast-paced. Everyone is nice to me though, so it’s all good. Mainly, the only person I’ve had any problems with so far was Stephi, and that was only at first, because I guess she was having a bad day and was pretty snappy towards me. But the next day, she was really nice to me, so I guess it was just a one time thing. Buuuuuut yeah.

So anyway. I’m really feeling at home here in Nebraska. I feel so much more like myself, and everything has been great. We’re moving into an apartment at the beginning of next month, which is REALLY exciting because I love those apartments, and Preston is living there too, so we’ll get to see him pretty much every day! 🙂 I’ve missed Preston. Also, we’ll have a FIREPLACE!!! And a balcony! And a washer and dryer in the unit!!! 😀 YESSSS!!!

Also, Bobby got a job at Firestone. I’m really happy for him, this is pretty much his dream job. Plus, between the two of us, we should have enough money to afford to go back to college, which is super exciting. 🙂

Today was Ean’s birthday party, and I’m sad that I can’t go. 😦 But we lack money, soooo….yeah.

Anyway. So I’ve gotten back into rock/metal, which is amazing. I’ve missed it more than I realized. It’s pretty much all I listen to at this point. 🙂 I discovered some awesome new bands, and re-awakened my love of old rock bands. It’s been great. Not that I’m limiting myself, buuut yeah. When I was younger, I would just listen to whatever was “cool” and my friends were listening to, and it feels pretty good to listen to what I actually LIKE now. I’m glad that I’m secure enough to do that again.

Also. I feel like I haven’t been giving myself enough time to really think things through, especially when it comes to art and writing. I’m trying to give myself enough time to really think about stuff and really formulate my thoughts and what I want to say and stuff. It’s not apparent in this specific blog because I had sooo much to say, but next time I write, I’ll try to slow down and take more time to talk about the things that I want to say.

Anyway…I need to shower and do laundry. BYE!


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