Pretty much the suckiest work day so far.

Soooo today was pretty much the worst work day I’ve had at S-bucks so far.

This morning, I woke up and my ear was pretty much swollen shut, and my lymph nodes were super tender. I’m probably getting an ear infection, which sucks because I don’t have active health insurance until like January, so I just put some swim-ear in there and got ready for work. Also, before I left, my mom told me that she’s not getting the money/child-support that she was supposed to get this week, so she’s pawning her computer and is probably still gonna be financially screwed for the next few weeks, so by the time I left for work, I was already pretty stressed out and worried in general.

Anyway, so I got to work, and ended up working my whole shift with my current least favorite coworkers, S.T. and S.H. They’re not exactly mean, but they’re not nice either. Both of them just ignore me unless they want me to do something, and then they just go, “Kat, I need you to go do ——.” They don’t even act nice or smile or anything. I mean, they talk to each other, so maybe it’s just me….I’m still trying to get on their good sides though, so I’m trying to not make any snap judgements. But still. So work was somewhat stressful already, just because of that tension.

My second customer in the drive-through today was really pissed off at me. Basically, she came through and got coffees, and her total was like $7-something. I swiped her S-bucks card, and she only had about $3.50 on there, so I was like, “Okay, I will still need $3.50.” And she started freaking out, saying she had just put $15 on there and she NEEDED to see a manager RIGHT NOW. So I went back to get Jason (my manager) but he was in a meeting, and he was kinda mad that I interrupted and told me to get Greg instead. Greg was kinda upset that I interrupted him as well, but he came to the window and talked to her. It turned out that he couldn’t reason with her either, so he just gave her her drinks for free. But what had happened was, she had put $15 on her card, but spent most of it in the very same transaction, soooo yeah. But she wouldn’t listen. Later on, when I was on break, I overheard Greg telling Jason what happened, and heard my name mentioned, so I hope I’m not in trouble. 😦

But that’s not even the worst part!

Later on, I was mopping the floors, turned around, and ran smack into David P. AHDVAJGVDKAJGDVAJAKJ NOOOOO WHYYYY. Let me give you some background on this guy. Basically, he used to go to my old church, and was a total creep, and dated one of my friends, but then they broke up, and then he stalked her for like 6 years, even though he has a girlfriend and a baby, and he tried to stalk me, and when my husband told him to leave me alone, he told him that he was gonna call the cops because he “threatened violence” even though all he said was, “Leave my friends alone.” YEAH SO, it’s a tangled web of complicated, horrifying messiness. Anyway, so apparently he works for the security company that delivers our tills now, and I ran smack into him. I just acted like I didn’t see him and turned around to continue mopping on the other side of the bar, but inside I was like “NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.” I don’t think he recognized me though.

So anyway….after that horrifying experience, I was on drive through duty for most of the day. I screwed up a handful of orders, which was really depressing because whenever I did, S.T. would get snappy at me and come fix it herself instead of showing me how to fix it. 😦 Then, a lady had a hot tea, but I got it in the wrong size, so I was getting rid of the wrong one while they were making the right one, right? Well, I took the lid off, and the cup basically collapsed in my hands and I got 180-degree water alllllllll over my hands. I pretty much went into shock. I don’t remember what I said, I think it was something like, “…..craaaaaaaapppppppp!” But S.T. was like, “What happened?!” And I was like “….The tea spilled. I’m okay.” What I didn’t realize was that tears were streaming down my face and I was kinda half-collapsing on the floor in shock. So they were like, “You need to run cold water over your hands.” So I did. Jason came out of the back room and was like, “What’s wrong?” I’m sobbing and saying, “It’s okay. I’m okay.” over and over. He got me some burn cream and some gloves to put on over the burn cream. After about 5 minutes I finally had some grasp of what was happening, so I went right back to work. I still couldn’t really feel my thumbs again for another hour or so, but it’s fine now. I DID burn myself again about 2 more times between then and when I went home, though. Pretty much the only person who showed any concern for me after that point was Sabrina. She’s really nice. I really wish I could work with her more. :/ At least she’s friendly and acts like she’s glad I’m there, instead of annoyed…

Anyway, after that, thigns ran pretty smoothly. I mainly just felt kinds depressed in general. I feel like, even though I really love my job, I still suck at it a lot and everybody is annoyed with me because I’m so slow. 😦 I feel like most of them just don’t really want me there, and hate it when I ask questions, and I feel like a huge nuisance. *sighs*


Good things that happened today: Justin and I have bonded over the fact that we both like Detroit Red Wings hockey, and I helped a customer choose a drink based on their Scooter’s preference. Basically, she’d never been to S-bucks and was like, “I really like the Carmelicious at Scooter’s, do you have anything similar?” and I was like, “GUUUUUURL. The Carmelicious was my favorite at Scooter’s too. I got it like every day before going to college. Try the Caramel Frappucino, it’s pretty much the same. I can even put extra caramel drizzle inside for you.” And she was super happy with it and with me. πŸ™‚ Huzzah!

Soooooo bottom line is….I really like my job. I like making coffee, and keeping busy and everything. I just wish it was easier for me to make friends. :/

Well anyway….I gotta do some laundry and stuff, and put some swim-ear in my ear. Byyyyyye!


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