People are confusing creatures.

So, remember how I said that S.T. and S.H. haven’t really warmed up to me? Well, today was weird because of that.

Basically, I got to work just as S.T. was getting there, and I decided to do my best to get her to warm up to me, so I was trying to be friendly. I saw she had a M.C.R. bag, and I was like, “I like your bag. Do you like M.C.R. a lot?” and she smiled and was like, “Yeah, they’re pretty much my favorite band of all time. I see you have a Day To Remember bracelet. I saw them in Lincoln last year with All Time Low.” and I was like, “I’m glad there’s somebody else here who likes rock.” and she was like, “Yeah, me too. Pretty much everybody else here is pretty mainstream.” And then she was nice to me for most of the day. It was me, her, S.H. and Ian for the afternoon, until Ian went home at 6. The whole day, we were cracking jokes, and it really seemed like everybody was warming up to me. But as soon as Ian went home, S.T. and S.H. went right back to not talking to me unless they needed me to do something. It was kinda depressing, but I wonder if they do that because they don’t like each other and just don’t know me well enough, or what. Maybe they just don’t know how to talk to me? I don’t know, but it was really weird. 😛

Anyway, I also gave a “Thank You” card to David for being welcoming to me when I first started. David has super fluffy, curly hair, and he’s really tall and lanky, so everybody calls him Llama. So I drew him a rainbow llama with sparkles on his card, and he LOVED IT. Seriously, his reaction was pretty much the best thing ever. He taped it to his iPhone case. XD Also, Ian and I commented on people coming through the drive-through all day. There was a lady who was literally POPPING HER PIMPLES in her mirror when I was trying to talk to her! Seriously, who does that?!?! Also, there were some shirtless rednecks with 20 toilets in the back of their truck. It was pretty much the best thing ever.

Anyway. I should go to bed now. We finally have money, so we’re going into town before I go to work to get lunch together. 🙂 MKAY BYE!


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