Body, Y U NO cooperate?!

So I’ve been feeling really good in general lately, but my body is plotting against me. I’ve had headaches or earaches almost every day this week, which is super lame. Why can’t my body just go, “Oh, Kat is having a good life, I should cooperate and make everything awesomer.” Instead, it goes, “Oh, Kat is having a good life. It would be a shame if SOMETHING WERE TO HAPPEN…>:D”


I’m covering a shift for somebody tomorrow morning, which is lame because I haven’t had a day off in a week. But it’s fine, I need the hours anyway. I’m just not looking forward to getting up early. Blah.

Also, the cool thing about working the night shift for the first time tonight, is that I get all the free food I want! Seriously, they have to throw it away at the end of the day because it’ll go stale by tomorrow, so they let us take whatever’s left int he case for free. Plus free drinks because I’m an employee. I got a cheese pretzel, two brownies, a lemon cake, an apple cake, and a chocolate croissant tonight. Also a crap ton of tea. So yeah, S-Bucks has been filling my food needs. 😀

Also, I don’t know what to think of one of my coworkers. Sometimes he’s really mean to me, to the point where I almost cry. And then suddenly he’ll be super nice to me out of nowhere. It’s weird. 😛 I wish he’d just be one way or the other, you know? I never know what’ll set him off.

Anyway, Bobby is pestering me to go to bed because we have to be up super early. So, goodnight!


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